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Friendly, state-of-the-art dentistry since 1998

Our Services

At Bardstown Family Dentistry, we work hard to deliver excellent dental care for the entire family!

Using state-of-the-art technology, we personalize our dental services and prioritize our patients’ comfort throughout treatment. Based in Bardstown, KY, we proudly serve patients of all ages throughout Nelson County and Central Kentucky.

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New Technology

  • Introducing our new 3Shape Trios scanner
  • Uses ultra-rapid photo imaging to generate a 3D model/image of the mouth and teeth
  • Takes the place of traditional goopy impressions; virtually eliminates gagging
  • Used for implants, crowns bridges, night guards, dentures, partials, and much more
  • Does NOT use radiation only photo imaging!

Family Dentistry

When you’re looking for a dentist to treat your entire family, look no further than Bardstown Family Dentistry.

Since 1998, we’ve served as a one-stop dental clinic for families throughout Central Kentucky. We’ve treated many of our patients as children, who have since grown up and started bringing their families in for early dental treatment.

dental emergency services | Bardstown, KY

Are you experiencing pain or a dental emergency?

We offer timely emergency pain management for new and current patients. If you are experiencing pain or a dental emergency, please call our office at 502-348-9944 today.

Restorative Dentistry

Losing or damaging your teeth can be a life-altering event. With restorative dentistry, we can help you restore the appearance and function of your smile and optimize your oral health in the process. We offer the following restorative dental procedures:

  • Tooth Extractions
  • Cavity Fillings
  • Root Canals
  • Dental Crowns & Bridges
  • Dentures

Do you get nervous before a cavity filling or root canal? We use LED light-cured restorative materials and offer nitrous oxide sedation to help our patients feel relaxed and at ease throughout treatment.

teeth whitening services | Bardstown, KY

Cosmetic Dentistry

Bardstown Family Dentistry offers cosmetic dental procedures to help our patients improve their smiles and boost their confidence. If your teeth are chipped, stained, uneven, or worn down, let us help you feel good about your smile again. We offer:

  • Teeth Whitening
  • Composite (White) Fillings
  • Dental Veneers

Preventive Dentistry

The goal of preventive dentistry is to help our patients optimize their oral health for enhanced overall health and wellness. Bi-annual cleanings at the dentist can maintain the health and beauty of your smile for years to come and prevent gum disease, enamel wear, and more.

Using digital X-rays and scanning, we’ll take a closer look at the oral cavity and check for signs of cavities, gum disease, and other potential issues. We provide deep cleaning for patients with periodontitis. If you’re struggling with teeth grinding or snoring, we can also work with you to develop the best treatment plan.

Our preventive dental services include:

  • Teeth Cleanings
  • Periodontal Treatment
  • TMJ Appliances
  • Sleep Apnea/Snoring Appliances

Implant Dentistry

With state-of-the-art dental implants, you can replace missing teeth and renew the integrity of your smile. Whether you’re missing one tooth or all of your teeth, the team at Bardstown Family Dentistry is ready to help you restore the health, function, and appearance of your smile ‒ as well as your peace of mind.

We work closely with an oral surgeon in Bardstown, KY, to provide the following:

  • Implant Restorations
  • All-on-Four Implant Dentures

We understand some patients may be uncomfortable during these procedures. We offer nitrous oxide sedation to help our patients feel relaxed and at ease throughout treatment.

Contact us at 502-348-9944 to schedule an appointment.
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